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Back-Set Platinum by RoMix Chemical & Brush

Molecular Cement Dissolver




Back-Set Platinum Time Lapse Video
Cement Back Into Rinsable Mud!




BACK-SET PLATINUM is an acid alternative with no fumes or odors. This safe but effective alternative is a newly developed concept in chemistry. BACK-SET PLATINUM molecularly attacks the portland cement, completely dissolving the hardened molecular structure back into rinsable mud! This type of ionic exchange has never been used before in our industry. This product is one of a kind!

BACK-SET PLATINUM's enhanced formulation is designed to go up to 50% further than the competition, reducing both product cost and time, while preserving the environment.

BACK-SET PLATINUM is easy to use. Apply undiluted for heavy and extreme build-up removal. As a daily cleaner for light film, concrete splatter, grease and grime, BACK-SET PLATINUM may be diluted 1:1 up to 6:1. Regular use of BACK-SET PLATINUM never gives cement or concrete a chance to build up!

BACK-SET PLATINUM comes in several different container sizes that can tackle any job!

Click Here To Buy Back-Set Platinum

BACK-SET PLATINUM BACK-SET PLATINUM Available in a variety of sizes


BACK-SET PLATINUM removes cured concrete, cement, mortar, grout, and stucco from virtually any surface, without harm to equipment or workers.

BACK-SET PLATINUM does not contain muriatic, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, sulfuric or phosphoric acids. The active ingredient occurs naturally in sugar cane syrup.

Before After
Truck Trailer - Before Truck Trailer - After
Before Back-Set Platinum After Back-Set Platinum
Preferred & Recommended By:
Alliance beck Cart-Away Mc Neilus OOISA OSHKOSH


**Always apply Back-Set Platinum to a dry surface area!**

Back-Set Platinum works best when applied with one of our Mega-Foam Systems. The system draws the dissolver directly from the shipping container and applies it through a hose and trigger gun wand. Thus eliminating premixing, reducing waste, and increasing product dwell time to the incrusted surface. The system will start and stop on demand by opening and closing the trigger wand valve. Back-Set  Platinum can also be applied with a general garden sprayer, or by using the bucket and brush method.

Before application make sure surface is cool to touch. Using the Mega-Foam unit, apply the product from the bottom working your way up a section at a time. The foam should cling to the surface. Once the section application is complete let the product dwell from 10-45 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and buildup thickness. (Back-Set Platinum may be left on the surface overnight.) Once the product has turned into a white, powdered sugar look re-apply keeping the encrusted area saturated with the product.

Product exposure time is directly proportional to cement thickness. As the cement changes to a mushy cottage cheese like consistency rinse the entire surface, preferably with high pressure (500-3000 psi) cold water, from the bottom working up. Regular water pressure as supplied from a normal water hose will also work sufficiently.

Caution: Never spray any chemical on a SUN BAKED HOT SURFACE. (The best application time is early in the mornings, evenings, or shaded area.)

Before After
Truck Hood - Before Truck Hood - After
Truck Hood - Before Truck Hood - After

Hardened concrete had accumulated over the years on this hood of a truck used in the RoMix yard.

After the truck was soaked with Back-Set Platinum, a pressure washer removed the dissolved concrete with no damage to the truck.

Small Hand Tool Cleaning:

For cleaning of small parts and hand tools use a small plastic dip vat or plastic pail to submerge encrusted item for at least 20-45 minutes. Remove item and rinse well with cold water. (NOTE: do not use on magnesium unless tested on a small area.)

Before After
Finishing Tools - Before Finishing Tools - After

Built-up concrete paste on this finishing tool dissolved after soaking a short time in a tub of Back-Set Platinum.

Note the change in color of the liquid, due to the concrete residue.



   Please take note to the following important information about using Back-Set Platinum

  • Always wear eye protection when handling any type of chemical.

  • As with any chemical, Back-Set Platinum should not be applied to extremely hot surfaces or
    scorching may occur.

  • Do not wet concrete with water before applying Back-Set Platinum.


Click Here To Buy Back-Set Platinum

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